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The Internet References section, updated, extended, with the links live and clickable. Epicurus, Freud, James, Lucretius, Pirsig and Thoreau online; religious statistics, the Bible and the Pali Canon; etc etc etc.

  The Errata (one-page PDF) So far, nobody has reported a serious error. But eagle-eyed reader Joanne K-Z found 20 or so typos, and if you'd like to correct them in your copy, here is the errata sheet as a 1-page PDF file.
  Related Sites Secular, freethought, atheist and other websites that offer complementary viewpoints and more philosophy.
Extra Essays An Appreciation and Summary of Thomas Paine's Classic Age of Reason"
 "Dostoevsky Didn't Say It: Exploring a widely propagated misattribution" (also published through the Internet Infidels). This is the long version of the discovery condensed in note 13, chapter 2.
 "Commandments Five to Eleven: Biblical arguments against public posting of the Ten Commandments" is a more detailed (and less temperate) version of the brief critique of the Decalogue found in Chapter 8.