Complementary Sites

Unitarian Universalism Online provides a wealth of information about this nearly-secular form of religious congregations.
The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance operate a site packed with readable, well-balanced essays on every aspect of religion and religious belief. Look for our banner ad in certain esssays!)
The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities published a thoughtful, complimentary review of Secular Wholeness in the midsummer 2002 edition (scroll halfway down the page).
Midwest Book Review/Wisconsin Bookwatch published a short, flattering review.
Atheists of Silicon Valley liked the book & invited David to talk to them.
The Bay Area Humanist Community provides for its members many of the kinds of community support described in chapter 3. David's talk to them was well-received.
The Secular Web sells our book, and they have a very gratifying reader-supplied review on their catalog page: "David Cortesi has given us a great gift."
The Aaronical Atheist aims to bring clarity of thought to issues of religion.
The Infidel Guy promotes free thought and atheism, and features a live call-in show.
The Atheist Parents site offers advice and interactive forums for parents who want to bring up their children without religion. The webmaster has posted a thoughtful review of Secular Wholeness.