Internet Resources

The bibliographic keys are the the same as in the book, but you can use your browser's Find function to look for them. Links added or updated since the book was printed are shown in bold.

Web Adherents
A rich compendium of statistics on religious membership and attendance, covering most countries and all religions, assembled by Preston Hunter:
Web AHP The web presence of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, containing historical and philosophical overview papers, a list of practitioners, and an annotated bibliography:
Web Bible The complete text of the Bible is available at several sites.Two sites that allow you to compare multiple translations are the Unbound Bible,, and the Bible Gateway, The Blue Letter Bible provides the King James version with word-by-word translation to Greek and Hebrew and commentaries: (The Bible and Quran Browsers built by the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University are, sadly, defunct.)
Web Book Search There are several used-book search engines, but BookFinder is a meta-search engine that interrogates several others:
Web Carlyle Carlyle, Thomas P. Heroes and Hero Worship. Quotes taken from the online text of the Complete Works available from Project Gutenburg:
Web Catholic Enc. The Catholic Encyclopedia is online at:
Web Cognitive Therapy The International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy:

The Albert Ellis Institute supports Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy with online articles and a catalog of books and tapes at:

Web Dhammapada The Dhammapada, an ancient collection of poetic aphorisms illuminating aspects of the Buddha’s teachings, is available at:
Web Dostoevsky The text of the Constance Garnett translation of Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov can be found at the English Server at the University of Washington:
Web Dying

A great resource for the dying and their families is Dr. Byock's, dedicated to "people facing life-limiting illness, their families, and their professional caregivers."

A good starting point for an Internet exploration of dying, with many useful articles and links, is: (but: popup ad windows). Other useful starting points include:

Web EHE The Exceptional Human Experience network is an earnest attempt to collect and document a variety of experiences, including unitive or mystical ones:
Web Epictetus Epictetus. Enchiridion. Elizabeth Carter (tr). Available on the MIT Internet Classics Archive,
Web Epicurus Epicurus. Letter to Monoeceus. Robert Drew Hicks (tr). Available on the MIT Internet Classics Archive,
Web Forgiveness Luskin’s Forgiveness research is documented at
Web Freud The text of On the Interpretation of Dreams (1900) is online at:
Web Funerals The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Guide to Funerals is at A condensed version of Dr. R.E. Markin's The Affordable Funeral is online at

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) did publish a guide to funeral costs and options at but this is currently a broken link.

Web Genealogy Amateur genealogists are everywhere on the internet; start with:
Web Gunaratana The text of the first edition of Mindfulness In Plain English is online at:
Web Happiness A comprehensive bibliography and database of multinational happiness research is maintained for free access by the Erasmus University Rotterdam:
Web Holidays Suggestions for secular seasonal holidays are at:

Tips for frugal and noncommercial celebrations:

Web James The text of William James's Varieties of Religious Experience is online at:
Web Kant The works of Kant are available online at the English Server sponsored by the University of Washington: The Categorical Imperative is covered in his Metaphysics of Morals,
Web Lucretius Lucretius, Titus Carus. “Folly of the fear of death.” in On the Nature of Things, Book III. William Ellery Leonard (tr). Online in the Project Gutenberg system:
Web Mysticism A well-organized collection of quotations about mysticism and the mystical experience, drawn from the literatures of six world religions:
Web NAS 1 The pamphlet “Science and Creationism”: (see also WEB NCSE)
Web NAS 2

The National Academies’ website on Creationism: (see also WEB NCSE)

Web NASA Images of the planets from all NASA/JPL missions:
Web NCSE The National Center for Science Education ("Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools") is an invaluable resource for defenders of evolution in education:
Web Nolo Nolo Press offers ree articles on estate planning and other legal topics, as well as selling highly-regarded self-help legal books and software, at:
Web Pali Canon The English text of large parts of the Pali Canon can be read at Access to Insight, along with a number of interpretive books and papers:
Web Philosophy A useful, brief encyclopedia of philosophical topics (which includes explanations of most philosophical schools and biographies of most philosophers) is at
Web Pirsig Home page of the Metaphysics of Quality organization has many resources related to Pirsig’s philosophy: The paper “Subjects, Objects, and Data Values” can be read at
Web Quran The complete text of the Quran is available at several sites. The Quran Browser once provided by the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University is unfortunately defunct. Try one of these sites: or
Web RERC The home page of the Alister Hardy Trust, sponsoring society of the Religious Experience Research Centre at Westminster College, Oxford, is
Web Rotary The internet presence of Rotary International is The story of Herbert J. Taylor and the Four-Way Test originally appeared in The Rotarian, vol 175 no 4. That document is no longer online, but you can read the history of the Rotarians and the Four-Way Test at
Web Simplicity Two internet entry points to the subject of voluntary simplicity are:

Many books on the subject are revealed by a search at using the subject keyword “simplicity.” You can cause the books to be sorted with the most popular first, and thus discover which are most-read.

Web TASTE TASTE is an online journal devoted to anonymous, first-person accounts of transcendental experiences of scientists. It is found at:
Web Thoreau Information about Henry David Thoreau, as well as the complete texts of Walden and other works, is available at several sites online, including