Recommended Books

I heartily recommend the following books as ways to go deeper into subjects that I've barely scratched. In order by chapter:

  1. Benefits of a Religious Practice.
  2. Varieties of Religious Experience (James 1902) is essential to anyone who wants to understand the range of meanings that religion can have; it is full of first-person experiences as well as wise commentary by James. The full text is online as (Web James). How We Believe (Shermer 1999) is a modern exploration of why belief is so powerful.

    Thought Contagion (Lynch 1996) is a wide-ranging review of the possible applications of the concept of the meme. Packed full of intriguing ideas, many highly debatable.

  3. Finding Validity.
  4. The Sacred Depths of Nature (Goodenough 1998) and The Fermenting Universe (Malville 1981) are two well-written, readable, sometimes lyrical reflections on the depth and wonder to be found in the world through science.

    Finding Darwin's God (Miller 1999) has detailed arguments against Creationism in all its various forms. Darwin's Dangerous Idea (Dennet 1996) is an intellectual's tour of the breadth of the idea so simply expressed as "evolution by natural selection" -- a phrase that rivals E=MC2 for the compression of the greatest meaning into the fewest symbols.

    Age of Reason (Paine 1794) is a mordant critique of organized religion and an exposition of Deism by one of the greatest writers in an age of great writers. Gain heart from reading Paine's thunderous prose, preferably aloud.

  5. Finding Community.
  6. Connect (Hallowell 1999) is a therapist's eloquent explanation of why human connections are so important to mental and physical health. For an enthusiastic popular treatment of the research on health and human connections, with many citations, see Dean Ornish's Love & Survival (Ornish 1998).

  7. Practicing Contemplation and Tranquility.
  8. Mindfulness in Plain English (Gunaratana 1993) is a detailed, practical introduction to mindfulness meditation, without any trace of supernaturalism. An earlier edition can be read online at (Web Gunaratana).

    Full Catastrophe Living (Kabat-Zinn 1990) describes the use of meditation in a clinical setting, for pain and stress relief, with examples and exercises.

    A Heart as Wide as the World (Salzberg 1997) goes in detail into the methods and benefits of metta practice.

  9. Using Ritual.
  10. New Traditions (Lieberman 1991) is a wonderful compilation of the experiences of real people who invented traditions to serve the needs of singles, families, single parents and neighborhoods. From Beginning to End (Fulghum 1995) is a warm and folksy read, and very good on wedding rituals. The Joy of Ritual (Biziou 1999), despite some some new-age flakiness, has good ideas for designing rituals.

  11. Pursuing Bliss.
  12. The Mystical Mind (d'Aquili and Newberg 1999) presents a detailed, credible model for how the Bliss experience might work, based in neuroanatomy.

    Zen and the Brain (Austin 1998) contains several good books interwoven: One is a detailed, well-written tour of the brain and what is known of the function of each of its parts; another is a layman's study of Zen meditative practices; a third is a doctor's survey of different methods of Bliss induction, with special attention to the use of mind-altering drugs.

    Cosmic Consciousness (Bucke 1901) is not recommended. Although a citation to this pioneering work is obligatory in any work on mysticism, the book has no modern relevance. The text reveals Dr. Bucke as an eccentric, a naive racist, and charmingly innocent of any concept of statistical rigor.

  13. Inspiring Self-Transcendence.
  14. What Are Little Girls Made Of? (Allen 1999) has capsule reviews of many current and classic children's books provide a useful resource for any parent who wants to build up a stock of hero material.

    Immigrant American Women Role Models (Reynolds 1997) has short biographies of fifteen interesting women, clearly written in matter-of-fact style.

    Shambhala (Trungpa 1988) is an inspiring, poetic, yet purely secular invocation to reach for the best you can find within yourself. It calls you to be a "warrior," not in an aggressive sense but in the sense of one who fears nothing and acts with decision and forethought.

  15. Articulating Your Ethics.
  16. Ethics for the New Millennium (Dalai Lama 1999) contains an eloquent argument for the need of a secular ethical system that can be respected world-wide. It explores the practical reasons why one needs to rid oneself of anger and replace it with compassion.

  17. Dancing With Mister D.
  18. Living Through Personal Crisis (Stearns 1984) is a deservedly popular manual on the experience of bereavement. But don't give a copy to a bereaved person; the bereaved lack the patience to read. Read it yourself in order to get insight and practical knowledge on how to be genuinely helpful.

    Dying at Home (Sankar 1999) is a comprehensive guidebook for home care of the dying.

    The Affordable Funeral (Markin 1999) is a detailed consumer's guide to purchasing funerary services. Markin explains industry jargon and reveals the marketing tricks in a style that is crisp, bordering on irascible.

    Estate Planning Basics (Clifford 1999) explains in lucid and reassuring style the options of preserving and passing on an estate.

  19. Being Happy.
  20. The Pursuit of Happiness (Myers 1992) is a readable, entertaining survey of the research on happiness.

    Learned Optimism (Seligman 1990) goes at length into the many effects of cognitive style (optimistic versus pessimistic) on every part of life. A Guide to Personal Happiness (Ellis and Becker 1986) is a brisk introduction to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

In addition to these, the online resources listed under (Web Bible) and (Web Pali Canon) are endlessly useful as well as entertaining.

Print References

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The web presence of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, containing historical and philosophical overview papers, a list of practitioners, and an annotated bibliography:

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Epictetus. Enchiridion . Elizabeth Carter (tr). Available on the MIT Internet Classics Archive,

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Epicurus. Letter to Monoeceus . Robert Drew Hicks (tr). Available on the MIT Internet Classics Archive,

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Lucretius, Titus Carus. "Folly of the fear of death." in On the Nature of Things, Book III . William Ellery Leonard (tr). On the Project Gutenberg system:

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Nolo Press offers articles on estate planning and other legal topics, as well as selling highly-regarded self-help legal books and software, at:

Web Pali Canon

The English text of large parts of the Pali Canon can be read at Access to Insight, along with a number of interpretive books and papers:

Web Philosophy

A useful, brief encyclopedia of philosophical topics (which includes explanations of most philosophical schools and biographies of most philosophers) is at

Web Pirsig

Home page of the Metaphysics of Quality organization has many resources related to Pirsig's philosophy:

The paper "Subjects, Objects, and Data Values" can be read at

Web Quran

The complete text of the Quran is available at several sites. The Quran Browser provided by the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University contains an excellent search engine with access to texts of three translations:


The home page of the Alister Hardy Trust, sponsoring society of the Religious Experience Research Centre at Westminster College, Oxford, is

Web Rotary

The internet presence of Rotary International is

The story of Herbert J. Taylor and the Four-Way Test originally appeared in The Rotarian, vol 175 no 4 and is now online at:

Web Simplicity

Two internet entry points to the subject of voluntary simplicity are:

Many books on the subject are revealed by a search at using the subject keyword "simplicity." You can cause the books to be sorted with the most popular first, and thus discover which are most-read.


TASTE is an online journal devoted to anonymous, first-person accounts of transcendental experiences of scientists. It is found at:

Web Thoreau

Information about Henry David Thoreau, as well as the complete texts of Walden and other works, is available at several sites online, including