About David Cortesi

I'm a retired techie, a bike rider, some days a Buddhist, a compulsive explainer, an amusing, if occasionally pompous, speaker.

Writing Career

I was an IBM programmer in those high and far-off times when computers weren't personal. With the dawn of the PC revolution I became a free-lance writer and columnist, publishing several books including Inside CP/M, Dr. Dobb's Z80 Toolbook, and The Programmer's Essential OS/2 Handbook. Later I contributed to software and hardware manuals with Informix and Silicon Graphics.

In retirement I want to continue to use the skills of research and organizing that were useful in explaining computers, but to apply them to subjects that are more worthy -- or at least, less ephemeral. Secular Wholeness is the product of two years research amid the rich resources of the Green Library at Stanford and the Internet.


I am available to speak on any subject addressed in Secular Wholeness.


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Phone: 650-321-1986